Akiha Yamakami was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan in 1984. She studied at 2009 MA in Printmaking, Lithography major at the graduate school of Tama Art University,Tokyo. She lives and works in New York City from 2012. She creates soft sculpture works with print and cloths upon the theme of human body. She actively presents her work both in Japan and in overseas. Started to collaborate with dance projects a few years ago. She makes costumes for dancers as well.


Maki Kitahara is an award-wining professional dancer from Japan. She has been nominated for “The New Face Award” by The Agency For Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. She officially started her NY based artist life in 2018 and her first achievement was performing at Whitney Museum of American Art. She has worked with Ajkun Ballet Theatre, Omega Dance Company, Time Lapse Dance and more. She was invited to talk for events at Harvard University and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She works as an assistant of Youth America Grand Prix and a current faculty of Gibney Dance.


Yoko Murakami is a Tokyo-born and New York City-based movement artist. Trained in contemporary, modern, afro-latin and improvisational dance techniques, while simultaneously working as a full-time jewelry designer, she is constantly exploring the boundaries between performance and design. Inspired by how movement can activate and challenge perspectives, she has closely collaborated with hat designers, hair artists, sculptors, set designers, video artists, and sound artists to create unique and immersive performance events all over NYC and beyond.


Twisty (Tsugumi) is a music producer based on Brooklyn, New York. Her musical style is predominantly influenced by Japanese Techno Pop and New Wave, however over her long career she has collaborated with musicians spanning many genres of music, including folk, jazz, and more. In addition to her production and composition work, she also currently plays in many Brooklyn based rock bands as a bassist. Her project Twist BonBon has played at parties, festivals and local venues in several different formations, sometime reimagined as an electro band or mutating into an explosive live rock band.

Special Guest : Morio Agata

Morio Agata was born on September 12th 1948. He quickly became an influential figure after releasing his debut single ’Sekishoku Elegy (Red Elegy)' in 1972. He is constantly adapting himself to the modern era, and he keeps creating original, new wave and edgy expressions through his music. His representitive songs are ‘Hoshizora circling (cosmic cycler)’ by Virgin VS (’82) - the ending theme of TV animation ‘Uruseiyatsura’, ‘Haru no Arashi no Yoru no Tejinashi (Magician in a spring stormy night) '(’85) , ‘Bandoneon no Hyou (El Jaguar del bandoneon)‘(’87), ‘Satou Keiko Seisei wa zankokuna hito desukedo (Teacher Keiko Sato is a cruel person, though) ‘ (’01) , and more. Since 2011, he planned to release a new original albums every year, under the the motif ‘2010s Rock’, and has continued to do so. He has also continued to perform live and record, in both Japan and in New York. Besides his extensive musical career, he is also well known as an actor, a writer, and a director.