4533 STUDIO started our monthly event “Honey’s Tuesday” in March 2017, and have featured many local artists, musicians and DJs.
YokoNips serves takoyaki regularly at the events, and we also invite our friends who are food vendors to join occasionally as well. After the 3rd anniversary event in March 2020, we had to take a break for 5 months due to covid safety considerations.
Now, ‘Honey’s Tuesday’ has resumed its usual night, every 2nd Tuesday.

Next Honey's Tuesday is October 12th 2021.
Honey's Tuesday vol.50 Live Music by Lachane

Dance Performance byAika Takeshima + Sara Pizzi, music by Twisty


Food by Yoko Nips (Takoyaki), Kumiko (tbd)

'Interview in Brooklyn' is on our YouTube channel. It's an interview series that primarily features local artists here in Brooklyn. Check it out! 

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